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A little bit about me…

Born and raised in Pontypridd some 5 miles to the North of Cardiff, known as the hometown of singer Tom Jones, and the place where the national anthem of Wales ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ was written.

First Computer

As a child I was one of the first pupils at school with access to a personal computer (16bit 12.5Mhz Amstrad PC2286). As computers grew with technology so did my desire to keep up with it. From knowing how they worked to simply playing games or making a simple spreadsheet.

The real passion was obvious to me in the early/mid 90’s when the world and I had access to the Web. Information became accessible and websites became more creative, it seems with our high speed fiber optic connections we are only limited by our imagination when it comes to designing a website today.

Hunger for knowledge

When studying at University my course had a diverse range, I studied PC fundamentals to website development, graphic design to sound engineering & video editing. Having left University many years ago I’ve noticed an increase in so called ‘web designers’ who complete a 2 week WYSIWIG course in Dreamweaver.

With very little or no knowledge of getting the website seen by potential clients/browsers the website becomes an inefficient marketing tool. The black art of Search Engine Optimisation (not to be confused with Search Engine Marketing) has become the difference between a good website designer/developer and the amateur.

I am now looking to better myself in the art of SEO, giving my clients websites more exposure.

…Away from the desk

When I’m not sat at my Mac/PC there is nothing I like more than to get out and fly with family & friends over the British countryside and coastlines. If weather conditions make flying unsuitable then kitesurfing makes for a very satisfying second option to have.