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Hobbies and Interests


Since I was very young I set my sights on becoming a pilot, where I could take to the skies and travel over mountains and seas to reach destinations not achievable by car.

Flying offers many challenges and is a hobby enjoyed by many, the LAA (Light Aircraft Association) previously known as the PFA has members who build wooden aircraft designed for the first Word War to carbon composite builders who build kit aircraft that outperform manufactured aircraft on many levels.

Financial constraints limit pilots to what they can fly, some enjoy the power and thrill of flying an Extra 300 as seen in the Red Bull air race. But other forms of flying can be practiced at a fraction of the cost such as gliding and microlight flying.

To read more please see my Flying section.

Kite Surfing


Water Skiing


Touch Rugby

After playing full contact rugby for over 20 years, breaking bones, tearing muscles and picking up 4 titanium plates for my jaw I decided at 30 to only play touch rugby on a competitive level.

I played touch rugby for fitness training during the summer months between seasons, and have picked up a number of trophies through Touch Rugby Wales which is played at Llandaff North playing fields.

The Intoteach squad of 12 is made up of 8 men and 4 women and we compete in both the mens and mixed leagues.

Circuit Training

Healthy body – healthy mind … When I feel fit and healthy I have no doubt there is truth in this old saying. Circuit training can be done in both winter and summer and setting targets is a good way of making sure I maintain or improve my fitness.

I’ve tried many workouts but find the following program by Stew Smith (former US Navy SEAL) gives the best results when repeated twice:

1) Bench press or pushups – max in 1:00

2) Squats – max in 1:00

3) Pullups or pulldowns – 1:00

4) Bike or jog – 3:00

5) Military press – 1:00

6) Lunges – 1:00 each leg

7) Bicep curls – 1:00

8) Bike or jog – 3:00

9) Tricep extensions- 1:00

10) Leg ext – 1:00 (or repeat squats with weights)

11) Leg curls – 1:00 (or repeat lunges with weights)

12) Situps – 2:00

13) Crunches – 2:00

Mountain Walking





As a keen biker and an adrenaline junky, I’m a big fan of the MotoGP motorcycle racing. The premier championship of motorcycle road racing where manufactures have built bikes worth over £250,000 and capable of speeds in excess of 200mph.

One of the most colourful characters is Valentino Rossi, with 9 GP world championships to his name he is an exciting rider to watch, 2013 will seem him return to Yamaha from Ducati … Is a 10th GP Championship on the cards?