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CFM Streak Shadow

Streak Shadow Series M (modified) – Rotax 912ul

Outstanding performance, amazing visibility and an impeccable safety record at a low cost attracted me to the CFM Shadow.

David Cook designed the original CFM (Cook Flying Machines) Shadow in early 1980’s powered by a variation of engines around 45hp.

Shadow Variants

Shadow B – introduced in 1984
40 hp (30 kW) Rotax 447 air-cooled engine.

Shadow C
50 hp (37 kW) Rotax 503 air-cooled engine. Streamlined struts.

Shadow D
65 hp (48 kW) Rotax 582 liquid-cooled engine. Dual control standard.

Shadow E
Similar to the D series but with either Rotax 582 or 80 hp (60 kW) Rotax 912 liquid-cooled engine, electric starter and long range tanks.

Streak Shadow Variants

Streak SL – introduced in 1988
Rotax 582 or 912 engine. New foam/glass fibre wings of shorter span (28 ft 0 in or 8.53 m). 11 in (279 mm) longer than Shadow.

Streak SLA
Same as Streak SL, but with increased flap angles and other minor changes to lower stall speed, putting it into UK Microlight category.

Streak M (Modified)
Same as Streak SL, built with carbon firbre parts, a modified Rotax 912 engine and long range tanks in place of a rear seat gives this single seater Streak a 1,000mile range fully laden or blistering performance for competition use.

Star Streak
Rotax 582 or 912 engine. Wings with same span as Streak but narrower chord. 14 in (356 mm) shorter than Streak with a wider cockpit.

Whilst reading the for sale section on AFORS I spotted a Streak Shadow (M) from Dave Broom, I quickly got in touch and expressed my interest. Dave used the aircraft for competitions but due to a house purchase was happy to sell G-MYTY to me. And on the 31st March 2012 I was the proud owner of my first aircraft.

Birth of the Streak Shadow

Since its introduction in 1988 (5 years after the standard Shadow) the 64hp two stroke Rotax 532 powered Streak Shadow with its never exceed speed of 140mph, and a climb rate of 1,500ft/min provided it’s pilots with low cost flying with outstanding performance, backed by an impeccable safety record.

Streak Shadow powerplant

Many Streak Shadows have been upgraded with later 2-stroke dual ignition engines like the 64hp Rotax 582 and the 74hp Rotax 618. While others opted for the reliability of a 4-stroke 80hp Rotax 912ul or a 85hp Jabiru 2200.

Shadow Achievements
  • 2 flights have been made from the UK to Australia:
  • Longest non-stop flight (7.5 hrs) by a microlight in 1987
  • In 1990 the Streak achieved a UK national altitude of 27,066ft in its class

As well as setting records the CFM Shadow is used as:


  • Kenya ∼ used by the Word Wildlife Federation
  • Zimbawe ∼ used by Goldfields trust protecting Black Rhino also used for elephant counts

Border Patrol

  • India ∼ 24 x Streak Shadows armed with a 7.6mm chain guns were ordered by the Indian Air Force in the world’s largest microlight contract
  • Botswana ∼ used by the Botswana Defence Force against Namibia