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CFM Streak Shadow for Sale

My unique Streak Shadow 912 G-MYTY is now for sale SOLD.

This aircraft was originally built by Nigel Beale (of SkyDrive & Cosmic Aviation) as a competition special to showcase the Rotax 912 engine. As such, it is a lightweight single seater (with 50litres of removable fuel tanks in the rear seat where the fuel level can be seen)

The performance and handling of the aircraft is outstanding, and without doubt the best Shadow I have flown. It has previously won the Microlight World Championship in Turkey with Paul Dewhurst flying, and in 2010 it helped Dave Broom win the British Championship title, outperforming many newer designs.

The empty weight of 208kg gives most pilots the ability to have full tanks and room for cargo with a 325kg max load, making an ideal touring aircraft.

Healthy cruise speeds should see you comfortably keep up with SkyRangers/QuikR’s etc at a fraction of the price. Fuel burn using the fitted leaning kit can be as low as 4.8 litres per hour (full data regarding fuel burns and performance figures will be included in the sale).

Group A
The aircraft is currently classified as a microlight, but could be reclassified at a higher MAUW as a light aircraft, making it a cheap way to build GroupA hours.

G-MYTY comes complete with a Brauniger electronic panel, although the original FlyDat and analogue instruments could be included in the sale if preferred. It is also approved with an included Ballistic Rescue System parachute (which is currently not fitted).

12 months permit – Ready to fly away.
Total engine/airframe hours 391.


Viewing is welcome by appointment.