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Built in summer 1994 for Nigel Beale of Skydrive Ltd (formally Cyclone Hovercraft Ltd), it was to be the aircraft to showcase the new 4-stroke Rotax 912ul engine.

Nigel and his son Conrad Beale (of ConAir Sports) had already set records developing fuel-efficient vehicles, and twice won the Shell Motor Mileage Marathon. The first attempt with Nigel driving recorded the first ever fuel consumption of over 1,000 mpg in a National Competition. The second win, a few years later, with Conrad driving, recorded over 1,300 mpg.

G-MYTY was built as a lightweight single seater Streak Shadow, with long-range tanks replacing the rear seat.

Modifications were made to the engine to give optimum performance on minimum fuel.

g-myty on the ground and in the air

The airframe was built to the minimum possible weight and reducing drag at any opportunity. Forgoing the factory optional extras like a wide-body fuselage, underbelly fuel tank, extended rear passenger foot well and wing fold kit. Giving this competition ready aircraft an empty weight of just 209kg.

Such modifications gave G-MYTY a power to weight ratio of 5.7lb/hp, which is better than a Porsche 911 GT2

Paul Dewhurst (Vice-Chairman of the British Microlight Aircraft Association & Chief Flying Instructor of FlyLight) borrowed the aircraft from Nigel to compete in the National Championships at Sutton Meadows and went on to win the Microlight World Championship in Turkey in 1997.

March 2000 saw G-MYTY change hands to the late President of the BMAA (British Microlight Aircraft Association) Keith Negal who flew many leisurely hours in it.

With many microlight records under his belt already, and having grown up with Streak Shadows most of his life. David Broom(Chief Flying Instructor of Airplay Aviation) purchased the 912-powered Streak Shadow and prepared the aircraft for further competitions replacing some parts with custom carbon fibre parts and replacing bulky instruments with a Brauniger instrument panel.

In 2010 it helped David Broom win the British Championship title, outperforming many newer designs until the aircraft class was removed from the competitions.

…With spiraling fuel prices and my desire to take long flights across the UK and Europe, there seemed like no better opportunity than to buy my Streak Shadow.