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The Future

With rising fuel prices and changes in aviation regulatory authorities, it is uncertain what the future holds for GA (General Aviation).

Less than 2 years after passing my PPL I’ve been fortunate enough to buy my own aircraft. G-MYTY is a CFM Streak Shadow that offers me full use; I can go where I want – when I want. At the fraction of the cost of flight school aircraft.

For me, there are still many challenges to be faced:

Not to mention getting my hands on as many different aircraft types as possible. From high wing Cessna’s to low wing Pipers, a slow Piper J-3 Cub to a High speed Beechcraft Bonanza and maybe a few permit aircraft like the Rutan Long EZ for good measure.

For now I’m happy flying with Aeros Flight Training who opened a base at Cardiff International Airport during summer 2010, where I can rent aircraft at a discounted rate from a 2 seater Cessna 152 to a 6 seater Piper Saratoga 6X due to being a member of Aeros Owners Club.

If I felt one day I could give something back to the aviation community, working as a part time flying instructor on summer weekends, then that would be something I’d certainly consider.

This would involve carrying out a Flying Instructor Course.

But why restrict myself to a certain class of aircraft? The aviation community has a lot more to offer, from helicopters, microlights and paragliders to un-powered hot air balloons and glider