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On-Site SEO

On site SEO involves making changes to your website to help it get indexed correctly by search engines. In layman’s terms re-designing the code structure so it’s been written to the book (known as strict code) and following the rules laid out by W3C.

SEO starts from the inside out, having a badly designed website with low rankings needs to be corrected before investing any time or money into off-page SEO, SEM & SMM.

Having a website with a high amount of traffic coming through and leaving straight away isn’t what we’re looking to achieve. It’s much better to have less visitors who spend more time trawling through your website and buying a product or call upon your services.

Making sure all internal and external links work and the images are described in the code for robots.

Keyword density is another important factor that falls under SEO Copywriting . Having certain words appear more than others will help search engines understand what your web site or web page is about. But striking a balance is key — you don’t want a search engine to write your website off due to spamming.

Before you can efficiently tweak your web pages for on-site SEO, it’s worth checking out your competition and see if there is a niche market you can aim for. Having a unique website will make your pages rank higher than the competitions.