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SEO Copywriting

Although SEO Copywriting is less important to search engines today than it was many years ago, copywriting it is still a very important part of the SEO mix.

There are a few elements more important than others when writing for a web page;

Title Tags

Google will show up to 68 characters while Yahoo will show 120 characters. Keywords are more important in the title tag than anywhere else on the web page, so spending some time on this is important. Some SEOs use special characters to make the site stand out, here are a few examples:

* * * Search Engine Optimisation * * *: : : SEO Expert : : :

§ South Wales SEO Consultant §

| SEO Copywriting |

« Freelance SEO »

Opening Sentences

Opening sentences can be just as important as the Title Tag, as some search engines will use the first sentence as the content description for your web page. Taking full advantage of H1 and H2 tags will make a difference to how a search engine robot views your web page, without it making any difference to how a human would view it.


Commonly put in H3 tags in the web code, these can have two good points. The first being the search engine robots will pick up a H3 tag as quite an important part of their search process, but also the web page viewer can skim over parts in order to find what they are looking for. This page is a prime example with H3 tags for Titles, Openings, Subheadings and Related Words & Synonyms.

Related Words & Synonyms

These can be just as effective as your chosen keyword, somebody searching for your product may call it something else in their area. Eponym is when a products manufacture becomes a household name and is then generlised with the product. An example of this could be ‘Hoover’ instead of ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ or ‘JCB’ instead of ‘Mechanical Digger’. On your website you may want to consider using the following words for a link to a ‘book’:








But as we say in SEO “Cater for humans, not for robots”. Ultimately you want the user to revisit your site, and spend time browsing through your web site. Try keeping the text as natural as possible, if you stuff a keyword in every sentence you‘ll soon annoy the viewer and lose them all together.

For more tips on copywriting see 10 Tips, Tools and Resources for Online Copywriters.